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Design and Access Statements

At Get Rapid Plans, we understand the significance of a well-crafted Design and Access Statement (DAS) in a successful planning application. As expert architects and planning consultants, we work diligently to create a comprehensive DAS that articulates the design rationale of your proposed development.

Our DAS highlights the key aspects of your project, including the amount of floor space, design, layout, scale, means of access, and appearance. We carefully explain the architectural principles and rationale behind the design, ensuring that your vision is presented in the best possible light to the Council.

Whether your project involves a change of use, affects a Heritage Asset, or is related to a Listed Building, our DAS ensures Council validity and supports your planning application. Let our team at Get Rapid Plans guide you through the process, ensuring a compelling and well-structured DAS that enhances the chances of your development’s approval.

Get your application approved fast with our planning and design experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Design and Access Statement (DAS) And When Is It Required?

A Design and Access Statement is a document that accompanies certain planning applications and provides a detailed description of the proposed development’s design principles and access arrangements. It is usually required for projects that involve a change of use, affect a heritage asset, or impact a listed building. The purpose of a DAS is to explain the design rationale and how the development will fit into its surroundings while considering access and appearance aspects.

With our in-depth knowledge of planning regulations and experience in urban design, we ensure that your DAS effectively communicates the merits of your development, demonstrating how it will enhance the local area and adhere to the planning policies. By choosing Get Rapid Plans as your trusted partner, you can streamline the planning process and increase your chances of a successful application. Contact us now to benefit from our expertise and let our team guide you through the preparation of a persuasive Design and Access Statement for your upcoming development venture.

Who Prepares the Design and Access Statement?

Typically, a Design and Access Statement is prepared by a qualified architect, planning consultant, or a team of professionals with expertise in urban design and planning. At Get Rapid Plans, our experienced planning consultants are well-versed in creating comprehensive Design and Access Statements tailored to your specific project requirements.

How Can a Design and Access Statement Benefit My Planning Application?

A well-prepared Design and Access Statement can significantly enhance your planning application’s chances of approval. It demonstrates your understanding of the local context, showcases the quality of the proposed design, and addresses any potential concerns of the local planning authority. By presenting a clear and compelling case for your development, the Design and Access Statement increases the confidence of planning officers in the viability and suitability of your project. It helps streamline the decision-making process and can facilitate positive engagement with the planning officers during the assessment phase.

At Get Rapid Plans, our experienced team understands the importance of a well-crafted Design and Access Statement in the planning process. We work closely with you to gather all the essential information about your project, ensuring that the statement effectively communicates the merits of your development. Our expertise in urban design and comprehensive knowledge of planning regulations enable us to create a strong and persuasive statement that aligns with the local planning policies.

Our Services Include

Comprehensive Design Rationale

Our expert architects and planning consultants work closely with you to develop a detailed design rationale for your proposed development. We carefully articulate how your project aligns with local planning policies, enhances the surroundings, and meets the needs of the community.

Detailed Layout and Accessibility

Our Design and Access Statements include well-thought-out layouts and accessibility plans. We prioritize efficient use of space, seamless integration of pedestrian and vehicular access, and considerations for accessibility to ensure a user-friendly and functional design.

Planning Application Support

Our Design and Access Statement services extend beyond preparing the document. We offer comprehensive planning application support, assisting you throughout the submission process. Our team liaises with the local planning authority, addresses any queries, and ensures the smooth progression of your application, maximizing the chances of a successful outcome.

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