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Dreaming of transforming your Barnet property with an extension, loft conversion, or a remodel?  Understanding Barnet architecture planning permission is crucial before embarking on your project. This guide simplifies the process, empowering you to confidently navigate the path towards obtaining approval from the London Borough of Barnet.

Do You Need Planning Permission in Barnet?

Barnet Architecture Planning Permission

Not all projects require formal approval. Here’s a quick breakdown to get you started:

  • Minor Changes:

    Replacing your kitchen, or bathroom, or updating internal fixtures typically doesn’t necessitate permission. However, it’s always recommended to double-check using the London Borough of Barnet’s online Permitted Development Rights checker.

  • Extensions and New Builds:

    Adding an extension, building a new dwelling, or converting existing structures like sheds will likely require planning permission.

  • Listed Buildings:

    Any alterations to a listed building (a structure with significant historical or architectural value) necessitate planning permission and might involve additional considerations to preserve the building’s character.

The Planning Permission Process in Barnet: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Pre-Application Enquiry (Optional but Recommended):

Discuss your project vision with a Barnet planning officer. This initial consultation provides valuable feedback on potential feasibility and ensures your project aligns with Barnet’s local planning policies (outlined in the Barnet Local Plan).

2. Preparing Your Application:

Partner with a qualified architect or architectural technician. They can create detailed drawings depicting the existing property, proposed changes, materials, and elevations. Additionally, a well-written planning statement outlining the project’s purpose and rationale, along with any supporting documents like structural reports (if applicable), will be required.

3. Submitting Your Application:

The London Borough of Barnet offers an online portal for submitting planning applications. Ensure your application is clear, organized, and easy for the planning officer to understand.

4. Public Consultation:

Once submitted, your application becomes publicly available on the council’s website. This allows neighbours and interested parties to review your plans and submit comments. Proactively address any concerns raised during this consultation period to increase your chances of approval.

5. Decision and Next Steps:

The London Borough of Barnet will assess your application against local planning policies and make a final decision within a set timeframe (usually 8-13 weeks). You will receive written notification of the decision and the reasoning behind it.


Congratulations! The council will issue a formal planning permission document outlining any specific conditions that might apply to your project.


The council will provide written feedback outlining the reasons for rejection. You can choose to appeal the decision or revise your plans and resubmit the application.

The Benefits of Partnering with a Barnet Architectural Firm :

  • Local Expertise:

    A Barnet architectural Consultant understands the intricacies of the borough’s planning policies and aesthetic considerations. They can ensure your project adheres to local regulations and seamlessly blends into the surrounding architectural character.

  • Streamlined Process:

    Architectural Firm can handle the complexities of the application process, saving you time and ensuring all documents are presented accurately and effectively.

  • Increased Approval Chances:

    A skilled architectural consultant can advocate for your project, presenting compelling visuals and statements that highlight the project’s merits and alignment with Barnet’s planning objectives.

Unlocking Your Dream Barnet Project:

By understanding the planning permission process and considering the advantages of partnering with a Barnet architect, you can embark on your renovation or building project with confidence. Remember, the London Borough of Barnet’s website offers valuable resources and guidance for navigating the planning process. Don’t hesitate to reach out to their planning department or seek professional advice from a qualified architect to transform your Barnet vision into a reality that complements the unique architectural heritage of the borough.

Why Get Rapid Plans is Your Barnet Planning Permission Powerhouse

Sure, navigating Barnet’s planning permission process is possible on your own. But why settle for “possible” when you can achieve fast and successful with Get Rapid Plans? Here’s why partnering with our team of Barnet-savvy architects is the game-changer you need:

Barnet’s Approval Fast Track:

Local Knowledge is Local Success:

Our architectural consultants are Barnet through and through. We understand the borough’s planning policies and design considerations like the back of our hand. This ensures your project aligns perfectly with local regulations, increasing your chances of a swift approval.

Barnet-Friendly Design Expertise:

Barnet boasts a rich architectural heritage. Get Rapid Plans architects create designs that seamlessly integrate into the surrounding environment while reflecting your unique style. You get a project that feels like a natural extension of the borough, all while meeting your functional needs.

Get Rapid Plans Gets You There Faster:

Effortless Application, Rapid Results:

The planning application process can be a time-consuming maze. We take the reins, handling the complexities from start to finish. Our architects create top-notch drawings, craft compelling planning statements, and gather all supporting documents – saving you precious time and ensuring everything is presented flawlessly for speedy approval.

Council Communication Champions:

Our architects speak the language of Barnet planning officers. We effectively communicate your project’s merits, addressing potential concerns and advocating for your vision with clarity and persuasion. This streamlines communication and keeps your project moving forward.

Get Rapid Plans Maximizes Your Approval Odds:

Professional Visuals that Impress:

High-quality architectural drawings and 3D renderings are essential for a winning application. We create professional plans that not only meet council requirements but also visually showcase your project’s impact within the context of Barnet’s architectural character. These impactful visuals significantly boost your chances of approval.

Avoiding Costly Delays and Denials:

Planning permission hiccups can be expensive. Our expertise helps you avoid them altogether. We identify potential issues early on and guide you towards a design that adheres to regulations, saving you from the hassle and expense of revisions or application denials. Get Rapid Plans gets it right the first time, for a faster and more cost-effective process.

Get Rapid Plans: Your Project Partner Beyond Approval:

Project Management at Warp Speed:

Want your project to stay on track and meet the highest standards? We offer project management and construction oversight services, ensuring your build adheres to the approved plans and is completed efficiently.

Sustainable Design Built-In:

Sustainability is a priority in Barnet. Our architects seamlessly integrate sustainable elements into your project design, aligning with the council’s environmental goals. This not only reduces your environmental impact but can also improve your chances of approval with the London Borough of Barnet.

Invest in Speed and Success with Get Rapid Plans:

The upfront cost of partnering with Get Rapid Plans is an investment in your project’s success. Our expertise saves you time, money, and frustration in the long run.  We help you avoid delays, revisions, and potential denials, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and rapid planning permission process.

Get Rapid Plans – Your Barnet Planning Permission Fast Track Awaits!

Don’t settle for a slow and potentially bumpy ride through Barnet’s planning permission process.  Contact Get Rapid Plans today and let our team of Barnet architectural experts propel your project towards fast and successful approval.