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Planning Application

Planning applications are usually submitted to the local authority and are generally handled by a planning case officer.

With architectural consultant, highly efficient planning professionals, and a defined, pinpointed system in place to meet the evolving clients' demands on time, we can burden you of all the intricacies and formalities required to begin and carry on with planning application. We have a tailor-made plan for your requirements that will save you of time, money and efforts.

  • Your Planning Application must be made up of
  • The necessary plans of the site
  • The required supporting documentation
  • The completed form
  • The correct fee

If you want to learn how our planning approval services help you; do feel free to schedule a consultation with us. For any kind of queries related with flat conversion, new dwelling, house extension, garden shed, full planning permission, lease plans and sale plans and etc; we are just a click away!

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